About Us

Once you’re in, you’re in. There’s no getting out!

The Don has been taking care of business since we founded this thing of ours! By providing quality products and services you can count on.

At Don Fogg we’ve set ourselves the aim of making the procurement of our products as efficient as possible for you.

As a specialist company the technical perfection of our products combined with our after sales support, guarantees you the problem free, productive operation of our equipment. Thanks to this range of services we are able to offer the best possible solutions.

As a company we are part of a worldwide Family of dealers and your direct conduit to the best of leading edge technology, (& when we say family, we mean family, Capiche!) 

We are a specialist operation; custom designed, staffed and trained to meet these demands for the ultimate benefit of our customers.

We provide a quality service and product the products and services are listed below:

Loyalty isn’t grey…It’s black & white. You’re either loyal completely or not loyal at all – The Don.